Deepweb and Clearnet? Why are we on both?

Why is legends best shop on the deepweb and clearnet?deepweb and clearnet

This is a very common question we get with email. We have a couple of reason on why we have a deepweb and clearnet website.

The first and the most important reason why we have a deepweb and clearnet website, is because not everyone has the knowledge about the deepweb. We want to give those people also the chance to have profit on our services. Deepweb is mostly used by people that have knowledge on what they do, and it’s not rare that there are people that haven’t got any kind of experience on the deepweb. There are also a lot of people who never heard of both terms.

Also we think we will reach a bigger crowd if we provide our services on deepweb and clearnet. It will be more advertisement for us, and we also think it makes Word-of-Mouth advertisement easier. Also Word-of-Mouth advertisement is the best way to get your services going all over the world.

( sometimes the TOR network doesn’t work like it should, when this is the case, we advise you to switch to clearnet )