Exchange bitcoin for money on Legends’ Best Shop

This page is about exchange Bitcoins, Ethereum or Monero for Legends’ Best shop financial products.


How to exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum or Monero for money on Legends’ Best Shop?

When you want to make more money with your Bitcoin, Ethereum or Monero, Legends’ Best Shop gives you the best solutions.

The product on Legends’ Best Shop are much cheaper than their actual value, and because of that you’ll receive more money for your Bitcoin, Ethereum or Monero.

We will add a short guide ” how to place an order ” below:

  1. Go to the desired products
  2. Add the desired product with the right amount to your cart
  3. When you have your products, go to the button ” Cart & Checkout ” on the top menu
  4. When you have a ” coupon code “, you can fill it in the ” coupon code bar “
  5. Fill in the form with all the necessary details
  6. Add information that’s asked in the product description to ” additional information”
  7. Choose between the 3 ” shipping methods “
  8. Choose the currency in what you want to make the payment
  9. Send the ” amount ” to the ” Address that’s generated for you
  10. Now you became a Legend and we will make sure you get your products in time. ( after payment is received )


  1. The payment has to be completed within the hour, because after one hour the order will be canceled!
  2. As soon as your payment is received in full you will receive email confirmation with order delivery details.
  3. You may send payments from multiple accounts to reach the total required.

When you need support or have some other questions, we will be happy to help you trough by email.

You can reach us at this email address:

We also have a “FAQ” and a ” Legends’ Best Shop Wiki “ page where you can find a lot of answers to your questions.