Bitcoin: How to buy and what is bitcoin?

Bitcoin, you’ve probably heard from it, but if you haven’t you’ve probably been sleeping under a rock.

What are bitcoins / What is bitcoin (BTC)?


Bitcoins are digital coins you can send trough the internet.
They are digital currencies that can be transfered from person to person via the internet.

Using bitcoin has multiple advantages

  • Can be used in any country
  • Cannot be “frozen”.
  • They have no limits.
  • Bitcoin is accepted at legend’s Best Shop, just like Ethereum and Monero

How to buy bitcoins (BTC)

If you’ve already looked in our Legends’ best shop, then you’ve probably noticed we accept BTC.

You might ask your self: “I want to buy your products, but how do I buy bitcoin?”

Well don’t worry, If you’ve experience with online payment, then buying BTC is a piece of cake!

Buying bitcoin is easy, but it’s not that anonymous as it used to be.
If you really want to stay anonymous, then you have to buy Monero (XMR)
You can buy Monero with the BTC you’ve just purchased or directly on some exchanges.
You can also buy your cryptocoins on localbitcoins, and meet the trader face to face (Localbitcoins is listed below)

There are several exchanges where you can buy BTC with fiat money.
Here are a few, listed from easy to hard.

For US citizen:

for EU Citizen:

Keep in mind that you’ll need to verify your ID on some exchanges.

For a good and up to date list of cryptocurrency exchanges, here is a very informative website (click to go to the website )

You need to have a wallet if you want to receive BTC.
Did you register on an exchange? Then you already have a BTC wallet.
Do you want to get an anonymous bitcoin wallet for free? Then you need to check out our wiki page here (click to open)