ID and Passports? Why are they not in the shop?

Why are there no ID and Passports?ID and Passports

The reason why we don’t provide ID and Passports, is because that would draw to many attention to our company. Attention we don’t want since we provide legal and illegal products.

Does it mean we can’t provide them? No, we can provide them. We are currently busy with a third party that wants to provide ID and Passports for us. But we only sell them when people specifically ask for it. This third party will be released on our page when they are ready for big business. This partner of us had a good business before and provided really first class products when we talk about ID and Passports! They had a struggle because of a big impound on one of their main production location. Soon they are giving it a new shot and we have the privilege to be their middle man and provide both clients.

The products are both available from every country you want, and also up to date. All new changes are on them. No mistakes made. Want some alcohol when your under age? NO PROBLEM, they will see no difference from the real thing and you will have a good and wasted time!

When you are interested in ID and Passports, we advise you to contact us by email or fill in the ”contact form”.