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For lower amounts email us to: legendsorders@protonmail.com

Credit cards are an excellent way to cash out anonymously.
The balance is always the minimum that’s guaranteed. So it is likely you are able to cash out more.
The cards are fully cash-able, however it’s common that cards will be blocked around 10 – 14 days after the first withdrawal.
If you’re going to cash out at an ATM, we’d advise you to wear a cap and sunglasses.
For the rest there are really no risks attached, nor traces to the buyer.
When ordering credit cards, make sure the shipping address is valid.

Order 5+ credit cards, and receive 10% discount
Order 10+ credit cards, and receive 20% discount
Order 50+ credit cards, and receive 40% discount
Order 100+ credit cards, and receive 50% discount

Card Value

$2.500,-, $5.000,-, $10.000,-, $25.000,-

103 reviews for Loaded Credit Cards

  1. topas


  2. caboverdianos

    this seller is good or is bulshit?

  3. caboverdianos

    this seller is good?

  4. kkk


  5. osihdfoihasfoip

    Hello, i email you guys. If it would be possible to get some photos of accounts that i can see you really have the money i would be very happy.

    Im a real writer im from Germany 🙂

  6. brodirito


  7. Antonito

    What if I purchase a USD card and try to cash out from atm in India?
    Will it work or which card will be good for me?
    I’m from India.

  8. rumbar

    Hey, are you guys still up and running?

  9. Anonymous


  10. harry.he1026


  11. hellotest


  12. donna

    please how well can i trust this site am new here

  13. Lord34


  14. bitmanni

    Hello, how legit is this?

  15. LordGlory2


  16. LordGlory


  17. LordGlory


  18. youngmoneyrichnigga


  19. youngmoneyrichnigga

    Hey guys can anyone vouch for these guys

  20. ronald

    I’ve tried the contact form. you guys answering my questions very fast.

  21. expensivematerialdike12

    hello legends, how can I trust you.

  22. dikemezico12

    please guys is this site legit

  23. johnny

    As soon as I figure out how to do the bitcoin buying, im all in!!!!!!!!

  24. Jonny

    As soon as I figure out how to so the bitcoin buying, im all in!!!!!!!!

  25. joy43


  26. asdasdasd


  27. jane


  28. Killshot

    I would like to know if can load reloadable cards

  29. salutcash


  30. Simon

    Is it real?

  31. Straponsally


  32. star

    I’m still checking and waiting for an answer but if I see that it’s true I thank you very much.
    They’ve already stolen a lot of money and I hope you’re real.
    Can I pay in escrow as escrow?

    • legends Best shop

      We don’t accept escrow! read the FAQ!

      Send us an email for more information

  33. P

    Hoping this works, I’m in dire need of this

  34. newstar


  35. James

    I’m interested but here in Canada u take over 500 out of a ATM with a CC and it gets locked u can only use it for purchase and even then it has been locked ide like to start small then big up and am really interested in the Bill’s if u can get back to me hopefully we can do some business

  36. John

    Hi there

  37. tank


  38. DarkHunter


  39. DarkHunter


  40. D

    Can you help me to fine a guy who are emboss the dump onto clone card?

  41. MyLifeBeLike

    Hey legends, just wanted to place an order with you guys and hoping it could be digital (I need them quickly, will be for online). Let me know, thanks!

  42. Josh


  43. I’m a actual person

    All of his can’t be real

    • legends Best shop

      It is my friend!

    • legends Best shop

      It is my friend! Take the chance that’s given!

  44. vul3su4


  45. ijihihw


  46. vul3su4

    how could i cash out the money and how i know the balanc inside i remain.

    i saw some online store will sent a small amount bill to prove i am the card owner .

    could i see the card bill which i has bought ?

    thanks for helping

    • legends Best shop

      Hi fellow legend,

      When you buy a card with us of $5000,- we make sure there is at minimum $5000,- on it!
      You can’t see the bill.
      We don’t have cards under $1000,- because we really send stuff.
      When you think about it that 1 card has expenses also for us, we would be losing money when we did that!

  47. Carlos


  48. Devoo

    It seems legit.

  49. Ppt

    This is no scam people i know for sure!

  50. puppetsandstone

    hello do you have a email?

    • legends Best shop

      Hi fellow legend,

      We send you an email, but for the people who read this we will put the email right here:


      you can also fill in the contact form.


  51. giorgio


  52. darkninja

    I have a couple of questions to ask you. Please e-mail me ASAP.
    once your e-mail me. I will write you back.

  53. bozano

    ola sou aqui do BRASIL quero comrar (5) cartao. como posso pagar , sem ser bitcon. deposito em conta pode ser?

    • legends Best shop

      You can also pay trough Monero and Ethereum.

  54. NuduRudy

    is this site legit?

  55. XxGhostxX

    test 123

  56. eeee


  57. idk


  58. sherlock123


  59. elove2000

    Seems like a real site!

  60. saucedrippa21

    Is there anyway I can just get the credit cards information? Let me know if we can work something out.

  61. rambo


  62. ozone

    Get back me if you are still active

  63. fidel

    if its a scam, you wont publish my review.

  64. fidelcastro

    do you offer escrow service?

  65. rbgobgig4g

    testing is this shit fo real

  66. therev1ew3R

    are there reviews legit??

  67. therev1ew3R

    are there reviews legit?

  68. ram

    will you deliver in india and how i can trust you

  69. TEST


  70. richtown

    do u have cvv with pin wellsfargo please get back asap

  71. anonny

    Would it be possible for you to just provide me with track 1&2 + pin instead of shipping the cards?

    • legends Best shop

      Hi fellow legend,

      That’s possible on request. Put a Credit Card in the Cart and fill it in the additional information box at the order page that you want the cards that way.

      Enjoy becoming a Rich Legend

  72. me

    just checking if people can post

  73. deal

    hi does tis work ? who can confirm

  74. Name?*

    Your review?*

  75. McQueen

    it works only with dollar or even euro?
    i need euro !

    • legends Best shop

      We always send you an email to confirm if you need euro or dolla after the order has been paid!

  76. kiki

    how can i order card

  77. USA

    Do you still have something at his moment?

  78. jamie

    hmm i dont know about this

    • legends Best shop

      It’s for your own good to get known!:D

  79. king

    please can i get a card with online access, which also contains loaded cash?

  80. W

    Hi guys, can the full amount loaded in the card cash out at any ATM, or just a part and the rest can be only used to buy stuff? Thanks

    • Legends’ Best Shop

      Hi fellow legend,

      The amount has to be cashed out at several ATM machines.
      We prefer this, but you can also buy stuff with it.
      Make sure you cash the card out before 14 days. We send you an email with an ” expiring date ” after sending the card(s).

      Welcome to become a Legend!

  81. wtf

    hi guys, the amounts loaded in the cards can be cash out fully? Or just a limited amount? I mean, if I buy a 2500 card, can I cash out the 2500 from any ATM or just 500 (i.e) and the rest only can be used to buy stuff? Thanks

    • Legends’ Best Shop

      Hi fellow legend,

      The amount has to be cashed out at several ATM machines.
      We prefer this, but you can also buy stuff with it.
      Make sure you cash the card out before 14 days. We send you an email with an ” expiring date ” after sending the card(s).

      Welcome to become a Legend!

  82. james

    i wanna order some loaded cards

    • Legends’ Best Shop

      Happy to help you out!

  83. Mac

    Does these cards include billing address?

  84. Qwerty

    How buy bitcoin

    • legends Best shop

      Hi fellow Legend

      You can buy bitcoin on the internet on numereous websites:
      see our wiki: /how-to-buy-bitcoin/

  85. Walther

    Does it work in Switzerland?

    • Legends’ Best Shop

      Hi fellow Legend!
      yes, It does work in any country worldwide!

      If you’re unsure about shipping physical good, you can always opt for something like a WU/bank transfer.

      Have a great day!
      Expect us!

  86. dolan

    how to buy Bitcoin please tell me anyone

  87. raghav

    lengend this credit card is real or work in india atm because many times money loss in tor market please help

    • legends Best shop

      Hi fellow Legend!
      All credit cards are real, and 100% safely to cash out.

  88. nikusin01


    • Legends’ Best Shop

      Hi fellow legend,

      If there is anything we can help you with, please send us an email.

  89. rukchinees

    Is there a PIN-CODE included?

    • Legends’ Best Shop

      Hi fellow legend,

      Yes, there is a PIN included.
      There is also a chip included!

      The PIN will be send with the package, but if you prefer to have it also by email, we can make sure of that to!

      Hope to hear from you soon,

      Expect us!

  90. V0lker

    Is there a 3 igit CVV number written on the back of the card?

    • Legends’ Best Shop

      Hi fellow legend,

      Yes there is!

      Please contact us on email, so we can work things out!

  91. GhostGhost101

    Do you ship the cards world wide?

    • Legends’ Best Shop

      Hi fellow Legend!
      yes, We ship word-wide indeed!
      priority air-mail is our most used shipping technique, and our products will be delivered any where within 2-4 days easly if you pick overnight or express shipping

  92. max

    hi i want to buy card but i don’t know

    • Legends’ Best Shop

      Hi fellow legend,

      Please contact us by email. We are pleased to help you with your problem with ordering.
      Thanks in regard!

      Yours sincerely,
      Legends’ Best Shop
      Expect us!

      email: legendsbestshop@protonmail.com

  93. vincc

    Hi, can i use the card shopping online?

    • Legends’ Best Shop

      Hi fellow legend,

      Credit cards are a convenient, secure and popular payment option when you’re shopping online. It is no problem to use them online!

      We hope to hear from you soon,

  94. sedon1987

    hi ,only can i pay with BTC??

    • Legends’ Best Shop

      Hi fellow legends,

      Thanks for the interest in our products!
      Recently we added the Ethereum payment and the Monero payment.

      Please, when you have more questions, send us an email or fill in the contact form.

      We hope to hear from you soon!

  95. gameonline0210

    Come on! I have sent BTC to their address and I received my products!
    I will become a F*cking Legend man! Cash these cards out and order again!
    Thanks Legends!

  96. gameonline0210

    I have sent an email to you already, please help me out of it! Thank you!

  97. New User

    And also, I wanna know if I cash out from a bank from another country!!! please, help me out of this! thanks you

    • Legends’ Best Shop

      Hi fellow legend,

      Thanks for the interest in our products!
      Please contact us by email and we will reply to ASAP!

      We hope to hear from you soon!

  98. New User

    Please, tell me what if I buy things online using my actual address?

  99. Bitcoin Boy

    In the beginning I thought this seemed a little unrealistic… Because there are so many scams out there. You proved me wrong.
    I’m so happy I’ve found you guys!
    Keep up the good work!

  100. pRobbie

    I don’t understand it. Why are you selling the cards for such a low price, while you could use them yourself?

    • Legends’ Best Shop

      Hi Fellow Legend!
      That’s a good question.
      Simply said, we have an overload off supplies, and cash them out will cause suspicion. We decided to exchange our products for bitcoins, ETH, etc. and pile it up, and hide them for a few years.
      So thats why we offer products far below their actual value.
      All products are real and the quality is the best you’ll ever have.
      That’s our Legends’ Promise!

  101. Jason

    Maxed out first card on vacation last week. I need another ASAP!

  102. Karolus

    For my third order, i ordered a loaded credit card from $2500.
    Went to the mall and bought all of my groceries and got it without any problems. After that i went to two other shops and bought all kind of stuff and it worked out like it suppose to. Makes my day guys!!!

  103. Mundo

    I am surprised how fast the package got to me. It took 2 days in holiday! @Legend you are my Santa Thanks man!

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