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Paypal is worldwide known as a trusted method of payments.
It’s often used as the only accepted payment on a lot of websites.

Paypal value’s their customer and is excellent at protecting their customers.
That’s why we offer PayPal transfers.
All payments made by us to PayPal accounts are provided by verified sources.

Since PayPal is relatively cheap, we can provide PayPal money for a lot less then it’s actual value!

When ordering this product, please leave the necessary details in the box “Additional Information” at the checkout page!

The necessary information is shown below:

  • Name
  • PayPal email address


Requested PayPal money

$2000,-, $2500,-, $3000,-, $4000,-, $5000,-

64 reviews for Paypal transfer

  1. iftime Vasile

    Hi, i’m not very sure of that but i want to tested and If it’s right i ll make a big order,

  2. meistereze

    I’m still waiting for a reply from you guys

  3. jj

    HI, can I buy $200 for testing, then I’ll come back to buy the big order

  4. john miller


  5. wee


  6. Grant Spencer

    Please I send an email to you today so I’m waiting for a better response…
    How much can go for a $300 pp transfer?

    Get back to me

  7. dony


  8. john


  9. Apex

    I’ve contacted you from apexreaper mail.. Waiting for your reply.

  10. ccddyy0526

    test comment

  11. johnny

    Test comment

  12. pangdaQ

    Have any brothers purchased successfully?

  13. pangdaQ

    Why was my comment deleted?

  14. PangdaQ

    Please come back to me and tell me your authenticity. If I get a satisfactory answer, I will give you a big order.

  15. test


  16. shadowwww

    hi, the minimum amount is high lol im really broke

  17. shadowwww

    hi, the minimum amount is high lol im really broke
    can we test with less money?

  18. anon


  19. stardosone

    Hey, what’s the cheapest thing you have?
    I need money and I do not have much to pay.
    If you make me a good discount, I promise to buy from you a lot later!
    Hope you understand me and consider me,
    Many thanks in advance!

  20. anonymous

    are you guys legit !

  21. ezel

    I want to test

  22. mmrinmoy449

    Is it possible to order a $100 paypal transfer

  23. goddie

    Do you accept Escrow services?

  24. goddie

    Do you accept Escrow services? let me know

  25. starboy97

    testing your review platform

  26. tbxdrmdr

    Is it possible to order a $100 paypal transfer I’m really broke right now

    • legends Best shop

      We send you an email!

  27. mase

    Scam or legit?

  28. mase

    The paypal 100% clean transfer?

  29. lolo

    is this working now

  30. Dr. Mazar

    Will you please let me know when a sample PayPal order is available? I don’t have the money at the moment to get scammed, shits super tight right now. You guys have a good reputation, but for all I know all the good reviews could be you guys reviewing yourselves. I know, I’m paranoid but like I said I can’t afford to lose $400 right now. I’ll happily update to 5 stars or write a new review on here and other forums, etc if all goes well. My email is, so please let me know if you ever have sample transfers again. Thanks!!

    • legends Best shop

      Hi fellow legend,

      We will send you a reminder when we have such order available!

      You’ll hear from us!

  31. 454N14


  32. max

    have anyone buy it is true?

  33. jldj33445

    hello, this shop sill active? this is really true?

  34. doctorista

    Hello, it is really true?

  35. tianna

    can i get 50 dollars in paypal for 13 dollars

  36. davdavve1

    Hello Are you available Paypal? I want to make $ 100

  37. chakire

    I need 200 dollar paypal

  38. User1

    keep it real… I trust Legends best but I’m straight broke and have $21.60 in BTC to my name and could use a break… Thank you for your time.

  39. sSSNIPSSs

    I need help with pp order! Anyone available who can help me?

  40. Deep Wen User

    Do you guys have $100 paypal accounts for $20? If so , it gives a platform to test the effectivenesss

  41. platex

    je voulez faire 1000 dollard de transfer mais il nest plus disponible dommage

  42. Onion (verified owner)

    How long does a Paypal transfer take with Express Shipping methode?

  43. rinkesh

    I need a sample deal of around 20-25$….so i can trust you

  44. jihimwong

    Do you guys have a sample deal far PayPal transfer? I don’t have that much money atm but i want to try it, so I use it the next time when I get enough money!:)

    • legends Best shop

      We only have them sometimes.

      atm they are not in stock!

  45. Man

    Can you make a Sample Deal with PayPal?

    • Legends’ Best Shop

      Hi fellow legend,

      Normally we can’t make those, but sometimes we have a rest amount on a big order.
      Then it’s possible, but that’s a 1% chance only.

      When you want to try out the paypal service, we advise to take the lowest amount.

      Good luck Legend!

  46. paris911

    Hey Legends
    I emailed you guys and you didn’t reply
    Would I be able to do a $150 USD transfer for $750 back?

  47. libio


  48. C

    Can i get sample paypal transfer?

    • legends Best shop

      Hi fellow Legend!
      We’ve done this in the past, and will do sometimes depending on how many “left-over PayPal accounts” we have.
      Currently we do not sell the sample deal in PayPal!

  49. kinox

    can I buy up to how much?

  50. kinox

    hello, by buying this then I can transfer paypal money to my bank account? thank you

  51. kinox

    bonjour,en achetent ceci ensuite je peut transferé l’argent paypal sur mon compte bancaire ? merci

  52. insideecho

    I find it shockingly great that this shop really delivers and that they are a shop for the common people. I respect them for the quick replies. It’s the definitely NOT the last time I’ll be dealing with you again :)!

    I went for the PayPal package and found that I could use a welcome bonus there supervisor, I paid $500 in bitcoin. They put a lot into making the image, and heck, I love you legends!

    • Legends’ Best Shop

      Thanks for the kind words! awesome to hear.. Enjoy!

  53. zomvic

    Is the service available?

    • Legends’ Best Shop

      Hi fellow Legend!
      We’re 24/7 at your service!
      Expect us!

  54. jainsiddhant99

    hey bro can i get sample paypal transfer?

    • Legends’ Best Shop

      Hi fellow legend,

      We are currently out of Paypal sample deals.

      We let you know when we have them in stock again.

      Legends’ Best Shop
      Expect us!

  55. cryptonicrain

    hey can we get a sample deal for paypal transfer?

    • Legends’ Best Shop

      Hi fellow legend,

      We are currently out of Paypal sample deals.

      We let you know when we have them in stock again.

      Legends’ Best Shop
      Expect us!

  56. dyingexcalibur

    alright sent them BTC over to you lets hope for the best!

  57. Hdabomb

    I want to buy a small amount of 50$

    • legends Best shop

      Hi fellow Legend!
      You can purchase the sample deal of $40,- for $20 dollars in bitcoin/ethereum/monero.

      Here is the link to the sample deal: Sample Deal (Click to open)

  58. makckop

    Maybe you can make a test buy for around 20/50dollar, so we can trust you guys in doing this?

    • Legends’ Best Shop

      Hi fellow Legend!
      Hit us up via email, we’re sure we can work something out!

  59. fapcorner

    Do you offer escrow?

    • Legends’ Best Shop

      Not anymore. Although escrow is reliable for the buyer it is not for the seller. The services we provide are Illegal and we cannot dispute a buyer on escrow about unlawful matters. We’ve rendered services for customers in the past using escrow and they picked up money transfers, received goods, and told escrow they did not get anything. Also we got scammed by a third party of escrow. We lost time & money. We are a reputable business and we strive off our reputation.

  60. Hillarie

    How long do the paypal transfers take?

    • Legends’ Best Shop

      Hi fellow legend,

      A PayPal tranfer will take around 3 hours after payment is received.
      We saw you send us an email also. We answered your question on email to.

  61. shrewdbulbous

    I’m worried to give out my paypal email adress. How legit is it? and is it safe, for example do this every month for “income”?

    • Legends’ Best Shop

      Hi fellow legend,

      Ofcourse it’s safe.
      We only use trusted and verified holders to send you the money.
      You can use your own PayPal email-address and you won’t have any kind of risk.
      This is an ideal source of “income”!

      For more information, please contact us by email or fill in the contact form.

  62. shrewdbulbous

    Do you transfer the PP money to bitcoin wallet?

  63. pedroallende085

    Hello I have a question, why put an illegal sales page on the web that is not anonymous ?. Is it scam?

    • Legends’ Best Shop

      We offer our services also trough clearnet because we’re so convinced about our services, that we dare to expose ourself on the clearnet.
      We fight against scam, not side by side..We hate those fucking scammers trying to get us down.
      Also with the exposure to the clearnet we are able to expand our customer range.

  64. techmallco

    how is this possible ? I pay 200 dollars for 1000 dollars, I would like to know how this is possible. (sorry for the doubt but it is difficult to avoid thinking that this is a lie, after the thousands of sites that have scammed me)

    • Legends’ Best Shop

      Hi fellow legend,
      PayPal money is a lot cheaper then fiat currency, and it’s easy to obtain.
      PayPal is a corrupt company anyway, they freeze balances of hard-working people like you and me.
      We have plenty of PayPal money in stock, and we need to get rid of it.

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