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no refill because of the risks with regular airmail and the risk of losing faith of the customers!!!

This is the legend’s best shop sample deal.

By ordering this, you’re able to test out our quality without investing a big amount of money before you make your decision.
We offer this product because we’re convinced you’ll be satisfied!

NOTE: Only 1 order each customer! We will not provide this opportunity to multiple addresses from the same customer!

This product is only for testing purpose.

2x €20,- euro bill
2x £20,- pound bill
2x $20,- dollar bill for only $20,-!


Select type of banknote

2x 20 pound banknote

44 reviews for Sample Deal! USD/EUR/GBP

  1. changelife1


  2. Dike

    how does this works, is it to ship the cash direct to my address? legends can you tell me more about this please.

  3. ronald

    did the sample deal and sent the bitcoins and received a confirmation very fast, thx!

  4. Estimate

    They are legit I did a sample and I got them

  5. Aries

    Can China send it?

  6. PangdaQ

    Can you ship to China?

  7. colemann1769

    how are we sure these reviews are legit and not fake…because the last review i made wasnt published here!!!!

    • legends Best shop

      hi fellow legend,

      We checked our history and we never saw any comment of you.
      Try to send it once again.

  8. David

    can you ship to africa and how long will it take…. seems like the major legit shop on the dark web. it will be nice being a loyal customer once i can trust you

  9. thingevery8285

    I just place order let see what will happen

  10. test


  11. jk


  12. kat


  13. MIMO123456 (verified owner)

    hi legend’s i recive the parcel today thank you very mutche , and what is the smalest amount you offer for euro banknot’s .

  14. MIMO123456 (verified owner)

    hi guys , its been 5 days and i already recive it ,, and its free shipping , next time i will order withe express shipping .

  15. 000005


  16. MIMO123456 (verified owner)

    Hi , can you tell me if my order has been send or not yet

  17. francesco.1990thamel


  18. giorgio


  19. Johnson

    Hi, what is the quality? I mean, will it work in MG or WU outlets? Does it have the hologram/UV/strip etc??

    • legends Best shop

      We have send you an email!

  20. Holocross

    It came trough! already ordered 3 more times and also the big orders arrive.
    MAke my day!

  21. Sony

    Can you send me a email to make a deal!?

  22. holocross

    Let’s see if this works. Will update whenever the package gets here.

  23. elove2000

    Seems real!

  24. elounge2000

    Seems real!

  25. elounge2000

    Its seems real.

  26. deepdreamz

    I just placed an order for this and paid through BTC. Lets see what is going to happen

  27. luhfargo (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this sad you can’t order it more then once,I’m going to order the 479$ package ,I recommend next day shipping free shipping takes way to long,only thing I’m afraid of is the quality of my upcoming order like was the first order perfect just to lure me in? But I’ll see ,btw the sample deal comes in a birthday card ,I want to see how and where they’ll fit 50x 20’s

  28. jojojojo

    Hola buenas,
    ME gustaria tener una muestra de los billetes que haceis.
    Pero no conozco vuestros metodos de pago.
    Me gustaria recibir una muestra de 50 euros y otra de 20 euros.

  29. Joggers12

    How does this work

  30. qa


  31. Name?*

    Your review?*

  32. plate (verified owner)

    j’ai beaucoup hesité et puis je me suis jeter a leau et j’ai bien reçu se que je voulez dans une belle carte postale merci !! 🙂

  33. nickiciolog

    How will I receive the 40 dollars? in cash at home or in another way?

    • legends Best shop

      Exactly that, you’ll get an envelope with cash in your mailbox.

  34. CurvaSüd

    How long does it take to reach Switzerland?

  35. forkroad

    Cutest card and Thank You very much for not being a Scam.
    Legends indeed.
    Definitely ordering more now 🙂

    • legends Best shop

      Great to hear!
      We’re looking forward to your order 🙂

  36. jainsiddhant99

    hello will they work at money exchangers?

  37. Aeonvrtx (verified owner)

    Great service and Delivery…

  38. rukchinees

    what a good seller!, i ordered on Wednesday and the next week on tuesday!
    It arrived in a birthday card with the text: “happy birthday” on it.
    Great seller, fast shipping

    • legends Best shop

      Thanks for the kind words! We appreciate it!

  39. rosaccia1

    Ok sample !

  40. mike trapper (verified owner)

    Excellent! Delivery was fast and quality is amazing!

    • Legends’ Best Shop

      Thanks for the great feedback!

  41. tjdamusman

    How does this work, I pay 20 dollars to receive 20 dollars?

    • Legends’ Best Shop

      Hi fellow Legend!
      Almost right, but you’ll receive 40 dollars, and only pay 20.
      The sample deal is purely made to test out the products, and for improving your experience with us!

  42. sedon1987

    hi, i want to buy this but i dont know dont let me add to cart

    • Legends’ Best Shop

      Hi fellow legend,

      Please contact us by email.

      We hope to hear from you soon.

  43. KhaRamba

    It’s a pity we can only order this one time:(

  44. TheBrian

    Because it’s my first order and i got scammed a couple of times, i am very cautious these days.I ordered this deal(€) because i have to gain trust from people that i do business with. The site wasn’t complete, so i ordered by email. Everything went very smooth and as promised i received 2 bills of €20,-. It’s the real deal. I’ll do more business with Legends’ best shop in the future.

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