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149 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. I’m looking to order US Banknotes. Honestly, will they work to deposit into Bank in ATM machines and also Bitcoin ATM machines where Bitcoin can be purchased? Same question with your loaded cards for regular ATMs for cash withdraws. You just replied to an email I sent you almost a year ago. Since them I’ve been scammed like 4 times in a row trying to buy banknotes so I’m a bit skeptical right now, to san the least. Where do you ship your product from if the destination is California? Contact me quickly please


  2. richman7863-7208

    hi dear I am new one How can trust most of people scam me after payment receiving No mail reply No forum reply plz guide me

    Email has been sent to you, please reply to me.
    Let me know the site is still working

  4. hey if i buy a bank transfer would it make any difference i use any type of shipping or should i just keep it to basic/normal shipping?

  5. I created an account just today. I tried to logging again but says my password is not correct then I tried recovery password it says I needed to wait for at least 10 minutes to get an it it on my hotmail I waited an hour plus but didn’t get it I tried again still didn’t get any mail.

  6. I created an account just today. I tried to logging again but says my password is not correct then I tried recovery password it says I needed to wait for at least 10 minutes to get an it it on my hotmail I waited an hour plus but didn’t get it I tried again still didn’t get any mail.

  7. Hello i sent you an email too, want to get some information about the service is everything legit? Already got scammed from different vendors so wanna be sure before makin an order.

  8. Garret D Barfield

    After countless emails I believe I made the right choice in store. Very respectful and understanding of my concerns. I tend to be very happy with my time here if it goes through. Please my experience is that they always help people when they are not talkin crazy. Email these guys and just talk with them.
    Here’s to a repeat customer.

  9. Has anyone utilized their services recently? I’m reading all the reviews and comments and everyone’s still skeptical. The comments that says their services work doesn’t make sense at all (i.e.: why need to save more BTC to purchase more $$?)

      1. I wanted to add 20$ genuine bills to my cart so That I can test it out.. Unfortunately I can’t able to add in my Cart.. It shows cart is empty

  10. Warned not to use without escrow, how can I trust? That were my first thoughts.
    Works perfectly and they have a really nice sample deal!

    Long term business relation right here

  11. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked
    submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all
    that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say superb blog!

  12. Knock Knock… I need help with pp order! Anyone available who can help me? I also just send you an email, I really need someone to let me know the 411.

  13. Perfect way to Get more cash back now the BTc and other crypto are dropping so fast.
    Nothing is sure anymore with the crypto future!

    1. Yo,
      I order only once with this vendor and i received my stuff like promised.
      I am trying to collect more BTC to order for the second time.

      1. If you already ordered once why do you have to collect more BTC? You could used the money you received to create an infinite loop.

  14. Nice build up and professional look on the website.
    Also the Sample deal was very fast in my mailbox!
    After that the Banknotes and the Banktransfers went smooth.
    Thanks for the good service and extra discount or bringing in more customers.

  15. annonymous173314

    hi legends shop admin can i trust ur service bcoz i have ripped several times on dark web i dont want to fall again in this am fedup now so i am hoping ur trusted one do you guyz give me grantee so that i can buy ur cards ….and do this cards work in indian atms

  16. Already my 5th order and it works out fine.
    One little hick-up with the 2nd order ( express shipping with sample deal not possible )
    For the rest it’s all super!

  17. placed an order for paypal transfer order #973 and it switched from on hold to completed around 7PM and now its 8:44pm I’ve finally got the confirmation email and now i’m happy with the paypal money i have received 🙂
    Thank you Legends!

  18. quanto tempo prende un bonifico a italia?

    cuanto demora una tranferencia a italia?

    How long does it take for bank transfers to italy?

    1. I ordered here 2 times now. Received the goods as promised, but one order came 1 day too late.
      They apologized and gave me a coupon code for the next order. Service 10/10!

    1. Legends' Best Shop

      Hi fellow legend,

      we contacted you by email and are very pleased that you invite some friends.
      We appreciate it and will reward it to.

      When customers bring friends, they get extra discount!

    1. DamianAnonymous

      I’ve ordered a few weeks ago a bank tranfer.
      Within a few hours they send the money in multiple small transactions.
      A few days ago I placed another order for Western Union.
      They send me all their sender details and mtcn, I could pickup this cash easymode.

      So yea, for me this is fucking legit!

  19. Hi Legends,

    This is the third time I’m ordering.
    On my last order I received 10 pound more than ordered.

    Was there a mistake in the ordering process?

    1. Legends' Best Shop

      Hi fellow legend,

      A PayPal tranfer will take around 3 hours after payment is received.
      We saw you send us an email also. We answered your question on email to.

  20. adilio.wsdistribuidora

    Fiz meu primeiro pedido dia 28 de fevereiro estou no aguardo se der certo farei muitos outros

    1. Legends' Best Shop

      Hi Legend!
      thank you for commenting.
      Of course you can trust us, we’re a respectable hacking group for years and made some reputation in the meantime.
      We’ve replied on your email, So keep in touch with us trough email.
      Thanks again,
      Legend’s Best Shop

    1. Legends' Best Shop

      Hi biggesttoy, How are you man. We haven’t talked in a long ass time.
      Taken from our FAQ
      “Competitors are desperate to stop us so they write fake bad reviews about us to prevent people from making purchases with us.
      That’s how it goes and we can’t do anything about that.”

      Do you mind to email us the site where you found us listed? It would mean alot to us!

    1. I was suspicious as well, Then I though fuck it and I took the risk.
      I couldn’t believe when I actually got something in my mailbox!

      I’d say just try it man.

  21. hi guys

    I’m really interested in this service. Is it really safe to order to, lets say home address. Anybody had any issues?


    1. I’ve ordered multiple times, and used my home address (I do still live at my parents).
      I never had problems so far.
      These guys are highly recommended!

  22. I am stunned that I received a package with cash in it. I only started with a small order. Now that I know its legit I will be ordering again. 2018 is going to be a great year. Debt free here I come.

  23. Welcome back Legends’ Best Shop!

    I’m following the build of your new website lately and i need to say that it’s looking very good. I did business with you before your site went missing. Why did the site go offline?
    Glad to see you’re coming back.
    Can’t wait to place an order again. Keep up the good work!

  24. Legends Best Shop was the first purchase I ever made on the dark web. I am glad I did it. Of course that gave me the confidence to order on other vendors but I got screwed by those.
    Staying with Legends now.

    Legends best shop has been fantastic.

  25. My wish came true! I didn’t get screwed over again. These guys seem like they’re pretty new, but they deliver and thats all i care about. thanks a lot!

  26. I have tried out this shop, bought some Euro counterfeits and they work! They passed checks in shops! Euros look like real ones, its impossible to identify if its real or fake. will try out other things in this shop too!

  27. Legends' Best Shop

    Hi fellow Legends!

    We’re almost done building the new website!

    We cannot wait to offer those sweet deals to the public!

    Yours sincerely,
    Legends’ Best Shop
    Expect us!

    Update: Our stock is completely filled!

    1. What do you have to offer for building trust. Small orders,trial run,samples. Old buddy recieven account info (name,balance,pin,etc).he keep 50% of all withdraw unless paid 25-40% up front.

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